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Mental and musculoskeletal health in the transition from adolescence to adulthood: The HEYoung-study

Little is known about risk factors for mental and musculoskeletal disorders in young adults. In this study we aim at following a large cohort of young adults (16 - 26 years of age) for 10 years to assess potential risk factors, risk profiles and risk trajectories for mental and musculoskeletal disorders.


The transitional phase from adolescence to young adulthood is a critical period of life for future health and quality of life. Getting independent from parents; making important choices about education and occupation, and choosing life style and where to settle may influence future health. Despite a high prevalence of mental health disorders and musculoskeletal pain among this group of people, very little research exists of this life stage with respect to mental and musculoskeletal health.


In this project, we will follow a large cohort of high school students over 10 years with a comprehensive package of assessments targeting possible risk factors, risk profiles (clusters of risk factors), and risk trajectories for mental and musculoskeletal disorders. We will include 16-year-old boys and girls from different high schools in Oslo Municipality. The assessments will be at the high schools and through electronic questionnaires. A pilot test will be conducted in 2020.


The project will be grounded at the Departement of Physiotherapy at OsloMet.



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