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Publication: Fidelity of a motivational interviewing

Fidelity of a motivational interviewing intervention for improving return to work for people with musculoskeletal disorders

As part of the three-arm randomized controlled trial in the MI-NAV study we conducted a fidelity evaluation of the implementation of motivational interviewing (MI) delivered by social insurance caseworkers to people on sick leave with musculoskeletal disorders.

The caseworkers received six days of MI training and supervision throughout the trial. Recordings were made of MI sessions with 13% of participants receiving the intervention (21 recordings). The recordings were rated with the MI treatment integrity code (MITI 4) by an independent analysis center and were also assessed by three MI specialists involved in the trial. The ratings by the analysis center and MI specialist showed similar results. Most of the caseworkers did not reach proficiency levels of good MI competence during the study. Our findings show that a large amount of training, supervision and practice is needed for caseworkers to become competent MI providers.

Authors: Ida Løchting, Roger Hagen, Christine K. Monsen, Margreth Grotle, Kjersti Storheim, Fiona Aanesen, Britt Elin Øiestad, Hedda Eik, Gunnhild Bagøien.

Published: 30th of September 2021 in the international journal of environmental research and public health



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