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Publication: Implementing an intervention for people on sick leave

Implementing a stratified vocational advice intervention for people on sick leave with musculoskeletal disorders

As part of the three-arm randomized controlled trial in the MI-NAV study we conducted a mulimethod process evaluation of the stratified vocational advice intervention (SVAI) delivered by physiotherapists working in primary care.

We used qualitative and quantitative data from 148 intervention logs documenting the follow-up provided to each participant, recordings of 18 intervention sessions and minutes form 20 meetings with the physiotherapists. Of the 170 participants randomized to the SVAI 152 (89%) received the intervention and 146 action plans were developed. All follow-up was by telephone, the physiotherapists covered the main topics in the conversation guide but did not attend any workplace meetings. Overall, the SVAI was delivered in accordance with the protocol and is therefore likely to be implementable in primary care if it is effective in reducing sick leave.

Authors: Fiona Aanesen, Britt Elin Øiestad, Margreth Grotle, Ida Løchting, Rune Solli, Gail Sowden,

Gwenllian Wynne‑Jones, Kjersti Storheim, Hedda Eik

Published: 4th of October 2021 in the journal of occupational rehabilitation



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