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FysioPol Part 2 - The Patient-Specific Functional Scale

Project manager

Ass prof Anne Therese Tveter


Contact info

Project group

Tarjei Langseth Rysstad

Margreth Grotle


What are the main activity limitations reported by patients with shoulder pain? Are there differences in activity limitations between patients with shoulder pain in primary and secondary health care?


The Patient-Specific Functional Scale (PSFS) will be used for reporting activity limitations, and then linked to the ICF-framework to clarify what types of activity problems the patients has difficulty performing.


Is the PSFS able to capture change in activity limitations in patients with different musculoskeletal conditions? Both the responsiveness and minimal important change will be evaluated and estimated acrossed different musculoskeletal pain conditions.


These are the questions that are to be assessed in the PSFS-project, which according to our plan will result in two articles.



Recommended links:

The development of the PSFS (Stratford et al., 1995)


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