Motivational Interview for Return to work

Is motivational interviewing more effective than usual follow up for return to work in people sick listed due to musculoskeletal conditions? In this project, we are going to look into motivational interview as a strategy for return to work.

Back Complaints in the Elderly

Almost everyone experience back pain at some point in their life. For some people, it is a rather quick episode, passing within a few days. Fort others, the pain persists. We aim at figuring out why. Our preliminary results show that as many as 80% of elderly with a new episode of back pain still has pain 3 months after their first visit to their primary care practitioner. Why is that?


Little is known about the risk factors for musculoskeletal pain and mental disorders in emerging adults (from 18 - 29 years of age)? In this study we aim at following a large cohort of young adults for 10 years to assess potential risk factors for persistent musculoskeletal pain and mental health disorders.

FysioPol - data collection in primary health care

FysioPol is a database for quality assurance and evaluation of physiotherapy practice at outpatient clinics at OsloMet. The aim of FysioPol is to give students experience with standardized data collection in clinical practice, as well as using the data to answer different physiotherapy specific research questions. Various projects have emerged based on these data.

Self-Management in Shoulder Patients

The AdShoulder Study. Read more about this project by clicking the button below.

Somatocognitive treatment for vestibulodynia

Vestibulodynia is a complex condition affecting many women in their reproductive age. In this randomized controlled trial we wish to investigate the effectiveness of somatocognitive physiotherapy against best current practice.

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