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Researcher profile



Current appointment

PhD student, PT


Area of interest

Musculoskeletal health | Back pain | Methodology | AI | Prognosis research | Health economy


Rikke is a PhD student at the Faculty of Health Sciences at Oslo Metropolitan University. She graduated as a Physiotherapist (BSc) in 2008 and completed her Master’s degree in Sports Physiotherapy in 2013 from the Norwegian School of Sport Sciences. As a clinician, Rikke has worked in primary care from 2008 to 2021. In 2016, she was approved as a specialist in sports physiotherapy MNFF.  

The overall theme of Rikke’s PhD research is how to reduce the socio-economic burden of back pain. She is currently investigating healthcare utilization among older people with back pain, estimating associated costs and identifying predictive factors for high costs. In addition, she has translated and cross-cultural adapted the iMTA Productivity Cost Questionnaire (iPCQ) into Norwegian and have tested its measurement properties among people with musculoskeletal disorders.


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Image by Micheile Henderson


Back complaints in elderly

Almost everyone experiences back pain at some point in their life. For some people, it is a rather quick episode, passing within a few days. Fort others, the pain persists. We aim at figuring out why. Our preliminary results show that as many as 80% of elderly with a new episode of back pain still has pain 3 months after their first visit to their primary care practitioner. Why is that?


Read more about this project here.

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