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WP2 - Screening tool for risk assessment in people sick-listed
due to a musculoskeletal disorder

MI-NAV project (Work package 2)

In WP2 we will translate and validate the modified Start-Back tool in identifying risk profiles among Norwegian people sick-listed due to musculoskeletal or other pain disorders (STarT-MSK), and compare it with established risk factors for long-term sickness absence.


WP2 will investigate the following research questions:

1) Is a Norwegian version of the STarT-MSK tool feasible and precise in identifying people with high risk for long-term (6 and 12 months) sickness absence due to musculoskeletal and/or other pain disorders?

2) What is the predictive ability for 6 and 12 months sickness absence of the STarT-MSK as compared to established risk factors such a symptoms of depression and emotional distress, low motivation for returning to work, and low self-efficacy?

3) Is the predictive ability of the STarT-MSK the same in younger, middle aged and older age groups, and across gender? 

Project manager

Associate professor Anne Therese Tveter


Contact info


Tarjei Langseth Rysstad


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